It’s hard to imagine a garden without annuals. These remarkable plants brighten up your garden with instant color and delight with their beautiful flowers that bloom from spring through early fall. Gardeners find annuals fun and easy to grow. They’re a great fit in all spaces – garden beds, container gardens and hanging baskets and can be tucked into any spot in your garden that needs color and pizzazz. In most cases, annuals are planted in the spring or summer. They flower through fall before perishing with frost at the onset of winter. Pansies, primrose and violas are exceptions. These cool-season annuals are planted in the fall or early spring, and provide gorgeous color until they eventually give way to the heat of summer. At Seasons Nursery, we carry hundreds of varieties of annuals in a rainbow of colors and every spring, our growers deliver many new varieties for our customers.
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Perennials offer a thrilling show of brilliant blooms for a couple of weeks to a couple of months during the blooming season. When their flowers fade, their foliage continues to contribute color, texture and interest to your garden. Because they come back every year, perennials provide many seasons of beauty and enjoyment, so it’s no wonder they are growing in popularity. They also offer structure and stability to your garden and look absolutely wonderful when planted with complementary annuals, shrubs and trees in the garden or containers. During the cold, dark winter months, perennials retreat to their roots and patiently wait for the first warm days of spring to emerge again. It’s a treat to watch perennials push up through the dirt in the spring and grow back into beautiful plants. Daylilies, hostas, peonies, ferns, irises and ornamental grasses are some of our most popular perennials. We carry an amazing selection of these plants, but also have much more to offer. At Seasons, we carry many varieties of perennials in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes
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Trees and Shrubs

Trees are a fundamental element of any landscape plan. The proper position, selection, and placement can set the stage for an entire landscape design. Trees are the most permanent plants we grow. Trees greatly enhance a landscape, and help to define it. They probably impact our property more than any other plants. Most will live for 50 years or more and become beloved fixtures in our memories. Because they are such a long-lasting addition to the landscape, special care should be taken when selecting and planting trees in the landscape. To give your trees a long and healthy life, be sure to plant them in the proper spaces and give them proper amounts of water. Trees also provide shade, frame a property, provide seasonal color with leaves and bark, can bloom with fruit and flowers – and even act as sound barriers and provide privacy. From towering elms and oaks to delightful dogwoods and stylish Japanese maples, our trees delight and serve us in many ways. Their leafy crowns dazzle us in spring and fall with spectacular bursts of color. During the sizzling summers, they shade and protect us. And, even in the desolation of winter, their sculpted branches are both artistic and inspiring when framed against the stark sky. With their structure, stability and permanence, shrubs add to the foundation of your garden. Shrubs can help guide us with our other plantings and set the tone of our gardens. Regal boxwoods are at home in a formal landscape, old-fashioned lilacs look wonderful in a cottage garden and sculptured topiaries create a whimsical look and feel in any garden. Often, evergreen shrubs serve as a frame to draw our attention to the beautiful blooming plants around them. But, many shrubs go beyond their supporting roles to seasonally become the star of your garden with an explosive burst of color or a sweet fragrance. Think of azaleas and rhododendrons, whose dramatic and prolific blooms help make April one of Washington’s most beautiful months. Or dramatic hydrangeas with their huge blossoms that shout “look at me!”
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Groundcovers are the smallest plants we carry – yet the biggest. That’s because these low maintenance plants will grow and spread to provide you with a beautiful, living carpet. At Seasons, we offer many varieties of groundcovers in a variety of colors, heights and textures. These wonderful plants can be used to create a carpet of beautiful blooms, fill in gaps along a path, or protect against soil erosion or drought. Some thrive in the sun, others prefer shadier locations. Most ground covers flower in the spring, except mondo grass and liriope, which are late summer bloomers. And most groundcovers are evergreen, and give us beauty throughout the year. In shady locations, vinca, Himalayan sweet box, pachysandra or mondo grass can create an evergreen carpet where there’s not enough sunlight to grow other plants. Some favorites in our area are lirope, mondo grass, phlox, periwinkle and sweet woodruff among others. Sweet woodruff has beautiful white flowers and fragrant foliage. Creeping phlox sports a solid mass of bright, colorful blooms. Creeping raspberry is an attention-grabber with white flowers in spring, crinkled, textured leaves in summer and burgundy leaves in fall. Stepables is a line of low growing plants that can withstand foot traffic, and be planted alone or between stepping stones with beautiful results. When you decide it’s time to add ground covers to your landscape, come into Seasons Nursery and we’ll introduce you to the beautiful world of groundcovers. Vines play a valuable role in your garden. These gorgeous, climbing plants create vertical interest as they wrap themselves around arbors, gazebos and trellises and reach for the sun. They can also help soften architecture, hide unsightly areas, serve as a green backdrop, add privacy and or be a focal point. And, if there are no architectural elements in your garden, vines such as clematis and ivy, can be used as ground cover.
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Vines bloom in late spring or summer and prefer full sun and fertile, well-drained soil. At Seasons Nursery, we stock many varieties of vines, including cultivars of clematis. Clematis’ large, showy flowers is a popular plant and is an attention grabber in the garden. Other favorites are trumpet vine, Bougainvillea and hardy wisteria. Trumpet vine is native to our area, easy to grow and attracts hummingbirds to its orange or red tubular flowers. Bougainvillea is prized for its vivid, paper-thin flowers that lend an exotic, tropical look and feel to the garden. (Bougainvillea and passion flower are tropicals that need to be brought indoors before the first frost). Heavily blossomed and fragrant, hardy wisteria is perfect to create a green ceiling.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses add movement and life to your garden. Grass seed heads and foliage add fall and winter interest. Dried grasses have many decorative uses indoors and out. They offer an easy way to add natural, airy texture to any landscape and require little effort to maintain. They come in many heights, colors, textures. Grasses are adaptable and can grow in poorer soils better than many other garden plants. Grasses can be used as groundcovers, specimen plants, for erosion control and as vertical design elements. Seasons Nursery carries ornamental grasses for Maryland and the DC metro area including: Miscanthus, Pennisetum, Pannicum, Feather Reed, Fescue, Pampas Grass, Japanese Forest Grass, Ribbon Grass, Sea Oats and many other varieties.
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