Q: Does seasons provide any guides or resources on plants?

A: We sure do. Come visit us at Seasons and we will be more than happy to advise you on how to care for your plants.

Q: What is the difference between an “annual” and a “perennial?”

An annual can be enjoyed during the warmer months in our area. Annuals can be planted in Spring, for constant summer color into the fall. Annuals need to be re-planted every year, as the frost is too harsh to ensure their survival. Annuals are good for arrangements and hanging baskets. They also include herbs and vegetables. Perennials will come back year after year. Perennials bloom at different times of the year, so the garden is always full. They also are valued for their variety in fragrance and cut arrangements.

Q: What is the difference between a shade plant and a sun plant?

Shade plants can tolerate about 3 hours of morning sun, but require shade during the afternoon. There are both annual and perennial shade plants to choose from. They are perfect plants for wooded areas, where tall trees provide cover from the sun. Sun plants need at least 5 hours of afternoon sun per day. These plants have brilliant colors that are an eye-catching addition to you garden.

Q: What is a “Planting Zone”? What is our planting zone?

A: A planting zone refers to the level of cold temperatures a region gets during the winter. Montgomery County is in a number 7 zone. This information can be useful when referring to the tags found on plants, which often list the zone a plant will thrive in.

Q: How do I water my plant? How much is too much?

A: Each plant prefers a different frequency of watering. If you have a specific plant in mind, please call us or come on in for advice on how to water your plant!

Q :I want to add mulch to my garden. How do I apply the mulch so it does not harm my plants?

When you lay down the mulch, make sure the mulch does not cover the stem of the plant, shrub, or tree. The stem needs air so there is no trapped moisture that could cause the stem of the plant to rot. Mulch should be applied so that it is away from the base of the plant.

Q: Tell me about the Gift Shop!

The gift shop is located near the exit of the Seasons Nursery property. It has garden and home items such as furniture, fairy garden supplies, jewelry, and decorative accents. There is also a Christmas room, year round, for all of your holiday decorating needs! During the colder months, September through January, our gift shop becomes a winter wonderland. The calm atmosphere is the perfect shopping environment for your busy day.
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